Source Issues

issues in source datasets

drugdocs integrate datasets published by different organizations on different schedules. These differences may lead to inconsistencies and omissions. While basic consistency checks are performed per dataset, inter-dataset issues often go unchecked. While integration cannot resolve these problems, it highlights them and suggests work-arounds. Issues will be reported back to the dataset publishers.

IdNameScheme(s) InvolvedScheme(s) CheckedDescriptionReport
spl-1'AsEquivalentEntity' Currency Check splsplValue must be a current productreport
spl-1'AsEquivalentEntity' Semantic Check splsplproduct referenced must be pharmaceutically equivalentreport
ob-spl-1'Application' Consistencyfdaob, splsplSPL referenced application matches definition in Orange Bookreport
ob-rxnorm-1IDRK Consistencyfdaob, rxnormrxnormRxNORM merges dose forms, routes and ingredients distinguished in Orange Bookreport
ob-1IDRK ConsistencyfdaobfdaobAn application covers more than one ingredient dose route combinationreport

FDA-managed SPLs are the original source of so much drug data. The content is extensive but some Semantic Checks are missing.